Thursday, April 29, 2021

Uncle Jonesy's Cameras Podcast #31: A Conversation with Earth Sun Film's Jerome Carter

My recent discovery of the Earth Sun Film blog has resulted in not only many happy hours of reading, but also some valuable inspiration with regard to my photography, as detailed in my previous blog post. In show #31 I had the fine pleasure of having a conversation with the author of Earth Sun film, Jerome Carter. In the course of our chat, Jerome explained how he began a serious pursuit of film photography as a means to making better photographs of his flower garden endeavors, how he came to create the Earth Sun Film blog, how gardening and photography has changed his life, and how he came to use Minolta cameras and appreciate the story of the Minolta company. I think you will find his story compelling as well as inspiring, and if you are a user of Minolta gear, you are in for a treat.

Please check out Jerome's blog, Earth Sun Film. Naturally, I enjoyed the posts on his journey into film photography and his Minolta love. However, even if you care little for gardening, I believe you will enjoy reading the stories he tells as well as seeing his photography work. 

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